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        1. SEARCH
          Streamyx - High-Speed Access Service
          'always on' connection to the internet with speed/bandwidth from 384k up to 2Mb/s
          Speed Up Your Access
          ..accessing the Internet via full digital public network that delivers competitive advantage
          Any Where
          puts you in touch with millions of people worldwide at a cheaper cost than using a

          Tel: 1-300-88-1515
          Fax: 03-2687 0000
          Working hours : 24 hours 7 days a week

          Billing inquiries
          email :

          First, to see which services and special
          offers are available in your area,
          please enter your zip code:

          ZIP CODE

          Are you our a current customer? Go to our Customer Center for helpful tools and resources.

          Online Support

          The Online Support Center offers you options to manage your Broadband account.


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          Promote your site
          NetAnnounce Premier helps
          Web sites get noticed!
          Control Panel Access
          for existing Customers
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